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Grover Essentials - 3 Tips for Staying Updated with Trends to Be Competitive - Our Guide

by Princy Kumar on December 01, 2020

For you to develop a strong relationship with your customers, you will have to be responsive to their needs and wants. That means that you should always have what they want at the ready or be prepared to produce it when they are looking for it.

Of course, we understand that such a responsibility is much easier said than done because offering precisely what the customer wants, when they want, it is a tough challenge. However, by working with suppliers who are just as responsive and creative as you are, you move a step closer to becoming the perfect wholesaler or retailer.

With that said, here's how you can ensure that you're always up to market trends to stay competitive:

1. Immerse yourself in the trend

Without sufficient knowledge of the trend, you will not be able to provide precisely what retailers and wholesalers need. This is why you must ensure that you know what trends are ongoing and that your suppliers know about them as well. That way, both of you will be ready to produce and sell the beddings and sheets that attract the greatest number of customers. 

The best way to learn what trends are currently ongoing is by following trend forecast. Talking with those whose job is to figure out what the current trends are will also give invaluable knowledge into the topic. By ensuring that you and your suppliers are up-to-date and can forecast future trends, you'll be able to continually create and sell products that are relevant to your audience.

2. Distinguish your textiles

If you've been a long-time retailer, the concept of designing your offerings may be alien for the fact that most retailers' job is to sell products. By designing your products, however, you can ensure that you stay unique in a market that is filled with many others trying to capture the same audience as yours. While everyone may be aware of the trend, it would be up to you, along with the help of your suppliers, to create offerings unique to you. 

In doing so, your customers will have a reason to come back to you and not just move on to another competitor for what is essentially the same product. Know that custom textiles give customers a sense of uniqueness and satisfaction. It makes them believe that the money spent buying something from you is worth every penny and that they do not feel like they were left out from anyone else's offerings.

3. Work with a wholesale manufacturer

Remember that you must partner with a wholesale bedding manufacturer. Working with one that understands the market trends along with your needs can significantly help boost your ability to stay competitive in the market. It is also vital, however, that the manufacturer has technical expertise along with the equipment to produce custom-made textiles. Otherwise, no matter how thorough a knowledge you have of the ongoing trends, if your manufacturer cannot keep up, you will not make any sales.

By learning what ongoing trend there is, creating your own designed textiles, and working with a wholesale manufacturer, you will be able to provide your clients and customers with textiles that are relevant to them and are worth buying. To that end, if you want to be successful in the market, you need to offer products that are distinguishable and custom-made to fit your client's requirements, only then will they consider doing business with you.

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