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Grover Essentials - 5 Benefits of Bedding Dropshippers For Your Business - What to Know

by Princy Kumar on December 01, 2020

Retailers that export bath and bedding products know how challenging the shipping process can be. After all, the process can involve a multitude of carriers, requirements, and legalities, which is a time-consuming task to sift through. 

Efficiency and convenience is the key to maintaining an impressive stock, especially for new, small, home-based online businesses. As modern consumers transition to online shopping, retailers are in need of a solution that can streamline their orders while they focus on providing a wider range of products to customers. 

If you want to move forward with your store and have a smooth-sailing operation, it may be worth investing in drop shipping services from the right wholesaler as they are designed to help you overcome the obstacles involved in your shipping needs.

What is a Drop shipper?

Drop shipping is a service offered by select wholesalers. Drop shippers are responsible for managing the logistics and shipment, which means that your retail business only needs to contact your wholesale partner to get your products delivered straight onto your customers’ doorsteps. 

In that regard, their job is to assume the role of arranging the movement of goods from point A to point B. This begs the question, what are the other advantages of hiring a drop shipper?

Benefit #1: Customer Knowledge 

Partnering with a drop shipper who specializes in bedding can source the latest trends in the industry through the supplier’s knowledge. Both parties benefit from keeping up-to-date with the seasonal demands of the market - from fabrics to patterns. 

In 2018, for instance, bedding drop shippers are seeing a sartorial shift towards sustainable products like organic sheets. This includes stocking on items 100%-natural eucalyptus fibers to provide earth-friendly comforters and sheet sets to a more conscious market. 

Benefit #2: Save on Money, Space, Time, and Effort 

Start-up businesses and small-scale online retailers know that establishing a business requires plenty of money to go around. With that in mind, investing in drop shipping services allows you to focus your resources on scaling up as the drop shipper can manage your store’s inventory. This will save you money, time, effort, and valuable space to rent a warehouse for your products. 

Benefit #3: They Handle the Negotiation of Transport Contracts

Drop shippers have connections with vessels and custom officials that handle the transportation of your commodities. In that regard, bedding drop shippers can negotiate on shipping, haulage, and even warehousing costs on your behalf.

Benefit #4: Provide Inventory Management

Part of their job includes tracking, storing, and moving the products based on your request to ensure that your products and assets are accounted for. Not to mention, your drop ship company can help your business create custom designs and source organic materials - from breathable cotton bedding to eco-friendly components like Tencel, bamboo, and sateen sheen products.

Benefit #5: They Can Secure Shipping Spaces

Part of the struggle in shipping is finding the appropriate and available space for your bath and bedding inventory. Whether you have large or small stocks, drop shippers are there to help secure a spot for it and ensure it transports safely to its final destination.

In Conclusion 

Not all transports go as smoothly as we often hope for, and there are many liabilities involved in the process. Accidents can happen, shipments can be rerouted, and goods can get damaged or lost in transit. Bedding drop shippers are there to back you up in times of need by providing multiple options that best suit your situation. This includes planning for the most cost-effective and protective way to deliver your stocks to customers promptly. 

If you’re looking for a drop ship bedding supplier in Canada, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to see how we can help.

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