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Grover Essentials - 5 Home Furnishing Trends Your Store Should Consider for the Holidays - Our Guide

by Princy Kumar on December 01, 2020

Christmas is only a few sleeps away, which is why retail stores are stocking up on seasonal trends people need to dress their home for the holidays. Part of the boom in sales focuses on a few themes: bold colors and ornament-inspired home furnishings. 

Online and offline retailers alike have to keep up with the current demands of the market as their performance will determine their trajectory for the new year. From prints, preppy plaids, weighted comforters, and decorative linens - working with the right wholesaler is a must if you want direct access to the latest trends of the season. 

To that end, the list below explores 2019’s holiday trends that will deck everyone’s halls as sales abound the Christmas shopping rush. 

Trend #1: More Blues and Neutral Colors

Consumers are now in the mood to stray away from the classic reds and greens of the iconic season as neutral hues dominate Christmastime. Stock up your shelves for white and blue decor as 2019 will be ending on a wintery note. 

Shoppers are looking for cooler tones to dress their home like a winter wonderland - from deep blues to creamy white for mantles, table settings, bedding, curtains, drapes, bed sheets, and more. 

Trend #2: Bolder Textures

Minimalism once reigned supreme in the retail industry as consumers celebrate the sleek and modern movement. Now, maximalism is taking over the spotlight as people realize that more is more, so expect bolder textiles to dominate home furnishing trends. 

This includes ridged styles on soft linens like embroidery, fringe, tassels, pom-poms for decorating stockings, ornaments, storage baskets, and more. 

Trend #3: Eco-friendly and Functional Fabrics 

The style and detail may set the first impression for home furnishings, but current trends encourage consumers to gravitate towards functional pieces that support the community in various ways. For one, linens designed to be eco-friendly can promote wellness as it provides a breathable feature. 

If you’re in search of specialized materials that use antimicrobial or anti-allergen craftsmanship, partnering with a reliable wholesaler can offer you what you need to ace the holiday sales - from organic cotton, royal bamboo, and more. 

Trend #4: Natural Prints 

People are embracing their love for nature as the trends introduce earthy elements to your home. This includes natural furnishings that have soft floral notes or stripes that add a dynamic touch to this year’s holiday linens. 
With that in mind, retailers can get ahead of the race by stocking up on items that offer a rustic charm. 

Trend #5: Duality

Consumers are wiser in their purchasing decisions as most will flock to items that offer significant value in their shopping experience. That means retailers need to step up by offering furnishings that are worth more than their aesthetic appeal. Low-allergen holiday linens, for instance, can serve as a stylish addition while promoting a toxin-free home. 

Retailers can gain a competitive edge when working with wholesalers as they can have access to multiple choices of style and functionality. They can also leverage great deals and order bulk items like a five-piece bedding set, which consumers are sure to add to their carts in preparation for the season of giving. 

In Conclusion 

The demand for holiday decor trends are at an all-time-high this Christmas, so retailers can keep the holiday cheer alive by filling your shelves with seasonal products that meet 2019’s trends. 

If you’re looking for wholesale beddings, curtains, or drapes in Canada, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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