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Grover Essentials - An In-Depth Look at Why Egyptian Cotton Sheets Are Special

by Princy Kumar on December 01, 2020

People regard Egyptian cotton bed sheets as among the best in the market. This bedding fabric type is silky-soft, breathable, and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for discerning customers. However, it can be hard to choose what type of sheets to purchase. Keep reading for the first things you should look for in high-quality sheets.

How Egyptian cotton is made

Gossypium barbadense, also known as Sea Island Cotton, is popularly called Egyptian cotton. It is a species specifically grown to produce extra-long fibers. Farmers grow it in this region because the Egyptian climate is conducive to the processes needed for creating long-staple variants.

After farmers harvest these fibers, they spin them into extra-fine thread. Then, manufacturers turn them into the high-quality fabric for which this type of bedding fabric is known. 

Long-staple cotton is more robust, making it easier to produce items with a higher thread count with this kind of fiber. What's more, just like fine leather, Egyptian cotton sheets get softer with more use.

Caring for Egyptian cotton bed sheets

To keep your bedsheets’ great condition, avoid detergents with bleach when laundering Egyptian cotton. This type of cleaning agent will break down the fibers, making the cloth weaker. When this happens, the material will disintegrate more quickly. Take care not to use vigorous settings on laundry machines as well.

When cleaning this type of bedding, it is best to use cold water, a low drying temperature, and the gentlest detergent you can find. Fabric softener is not advisable, either, since it can build up in the spaces on the sheets and cause long-term damage. If you want to soften this cloth, you can use tennis balls or dryer balls instead. 

What should I look for in Egyptian sheets?

Pay attention to the percentages of fiber. Some manufacturers and distributors claim that a bed sheet and comforter set is Egyptian cotton but shortchange the retailer.

They could be selling an item that contains a percentage of the material but mixed in with another fiber like short-staple cotton, percale, or sateen. You would understand why some people choose this kind of product since pure Egyptian cotton sheets can be prohibitively expensive.

Blended sheets are often less expensive than pure Egyptian cotton. If you want a comparable feel at a more affordable price, you can go for these high-quality alternatives.

Egyptian-quality cloth: A great alternative

If you are looking for quality covers that do not break the bank, you could go for a bed sheet with almost the same texture as Egyptian cotton kinds. This microfibre sheet set provides you with just that. Both soft and budget-friendly, it ticks off all the boxes for things people look for in a set of beddings.

What's more, this type of fabric is more machine washable than pure cotton sheets. If you live in a busy household and only have a few hours in a week you can dedicate to laundry, this is the perfect solution. Customers can get comfort, savings, and practicality all in one.


Pure Egyptian cotton bed sheets are a fantastic choice for people who want to be extremely comfortable when sleeping. However, they can rack up quite a bill and are a little high maintenance. A good workaround is choosing Egyptian-quality sheets.

Grover Essentials' online store sells microfibre sheet sets, among other top-quality merchandise. We pride ourselves on always being in stock and quick to market, offering excellence in service and products. We are also open to distributing our items wholesale. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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