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Grover Essentials - Hotel Bedding Trends_ Encouraging Cleanliness Away From Home

by Princy Kumar on December 01, 2020

With increasing concerns about hygiene worldwide, the hospitality industry has been stepping up its efforts to ensure clean and neat accommodations. In particular, hotels are taking extra precautions to make the beds in each room feel and look as organized as they would in a guest’s home. 

While addressing health concerns means adjusting guest bedroom designs and bedsheet choices, plenty more goes into promoting cleanliness and wellness to guests. When they’re away from home, they want to be sure they’re in an environment that’s as pristine as possible. Hoteliers need to keep in mind several crucial factors that offer a clean peace of mind to their guests.

Keeping It Clean

Hotels may feel tempted to choose colourful bedding, although this may backfire. Guests equate cleanliness with white, which is what they usually expect of a hotel. As a symbol of luxury and comfort, hotels provide an elevated experience for its guests, which can be interrupted by coloured sheets. Classic white helps reinforce the notion that hotels are hygienic and immaculate, which will leave guests feeling reassured.

Cleanliness goes beyond the colour. Every sheet on top of the bed’s mattress must be launderable, including the top sheet over the duvet. These extra layers of protection ensure that grime doesn’t get onto the mattress, which is extremely difficult to clean.

However, hotels are free to use decorative pillows and bed scarves. Most prefer washable materials, which makes it easier for housekeepers to change out regularly and clean. 

Comparing Retail Trends With Hotel Trends

The retail sector is enjoying an influx of new materials and bedding fabrics. With this new technology, promises of better, more comfortable sleep abound. Hotel guests have begun to expect these novel products in hotels since they’ve been designed to provide optimal comfort to the user.

Among these high-tech retail bedding products include advanced moisture-wicking technology. While these keep guests feeling warm while they sleep, it also works to fight microbes and germs away from the body, guaranteeing a cleaner and more restful sleep.

Such advanced technology can now be seen in pillow menus, which once dominated only luxury hotels. Guests now have their choice of pillows in many hotels. Some prefer soft pillows, while others prefer something a little bit more firm. Hotels strike a balance between the two, seeking to appeal the broadest range of customers possible, by picking pillows of medium firmness. However, many also carry special pillows to fulfill guest requests. 

Although some guests have been incredibly impressed by products in hotels and have considered bringing it to their home, this may not be advisable. Retail trends have seen a surge in popularity for foam products, which is often a challenge in the hospitality industry because it is difficult to launder. Other residential materials are unsuitable for hotel bedding. 

Optimizing the Beds

Hotels have long eliminated using box springs, replacing these with platforms or upholstered foundations instead. This new use has eliminated the need for skirting, which makes it easier for housekeepers to clean while offering a more orderly look to the room.

Upholstered foundations offer a more seamless look to a hotel bedroom. They resemble a sofa, the mattress looks like a large seat cushion, and the foundation mirrors the sofa’s apron. The upholstered foundation can then be connected to the headboard while flattering the rest of the room. It is a much cleaner, more straightforward look that inspires organization and cleanliness. 


As the world moves closer to neatness, so do design and hotel trends. Reflecting this need to feel clean has become essential to the hospitality industry, as it reinforces the notion that guests are resting in a comfortable, hygienic environment. With this, hoteliers can provide their guests with the most comfortable experience possible. 

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