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Grover Essentials - How to Properly Care for Mink Blankets _ A Step-By-Step Guide

by Princy Kumar on December 01, 2020

Contrary to what many believe, mink blankets are cruelty-free, as they are made from long, acrylic fibers. They’re also preferred by many businesses, particularly those in the industries of tourism and hospitality. If you’re running a hotel, opting to switch to mink blankets can provide your guests with amazing comfort. Its texture is the softest among other fabrics, making it gentle to the skin. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it versatile for various guests. 

Unfortunately, mink blankets can be quite costly. The luxurious blanket comes at a high price, but opting to invest in them will give you more value for your money. Given its price and luxury, however, taking measures for extra care and maintenance is necessary. Fortunately, mink blankets are synthetic, meaning that they are machine washable. 

Don’t just simply toss it with the rest of the laundry, however. Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure that your mink blankets remain in top shape:

Step 1: Get a dry rag and wipe the blanket

Before washing, run the blanket smoothly with a dry rag. Remember not to go against the direction of the fur—go along with it instead. This step is crucial, as it ensures you remove all the dust and dirt that have accumulated in it. Make sure that you wipe it down as evenly as possible, with an equally distributed force. Never run the rag in circular movements, as you’ll risk ruining the fiber.

Step 2: Choose your laundry detergent carefully

As previously discussed, mink blankets require special care. This special care includes the type of laundry detergent you can wash it with, so it’s best to read the care instructions thoroughly. If you’re unsure, simply avoid strong detergents and opt for gentle fabric cleaners and conditioners.

Step 3: Place the blanket in the machine

Once the blanket is free from dirt and dust, carefully place it in the washing machine. Never wash it with other fabrics because this will damage the fibers. To further protect it, make sure that the weight of the blanket is evenly distributed on the washing machine. 

Step 4: Turn on the machine and let it wash 

Although simple, washing the blanket gently is vital to keeping it intact. Before pressing the start button, make sure that your wash cycle is set into the gentle mode. Never leave the washing process unattended. After the process, wash the blanket once again with cold water. 

Step 5: Dry your mink blanket 

Drying a mink blanket gives you only two options: hang it on a line or place it in a clothes dryer. Many choose to go by air-dry method, as any added heat could potentially damage the fibers. If you have no time, however, use the clothes dryer—just make sure that the setting uses no heat!

The Takeaway

Mink blankets are popular for a reason—they’re luxurious blankets that provide comfort and coziness, especially since they’re very gentle on the skin. They’re also cruelty-free, having been made from synthetic fibers. This makes them costly, however, but the investment will be more than worth it—just make sure you take good care of them by following our instructions above!

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