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Grover Essentials - Our Guide for Choosing Between Dark or Light-Colored Sheets

by Princy Kumar on December 02, 2020

There are different types of bedding for a variety of seasons, room styles, and even medical conditions. If you are shopping for an accommodation business, a healthcare facility, or just selecting items in bulk for your retail store, you are spoiled for choice on color. Here are a few things to consider when you get started on the selection process.

Advantages of light-colored sheets

White sheets give any room a fresh, new look, even on a budget. White sheets look crisp, even when they have gone through several washes, and they will look good for years. What’s more, light-colored beddings contrast well with accessories, artworks, blankets, and the like.

If you are running a hotel, a bed-and-breakfast, or any type of accommodation business, white is your best friend. They look fresh and are easier to maintain. You can gather white sheets, towels, and linen and wash them at once, saving your facility time and money in cleaning. 

Disadvantages of light-colored sheets

Though white sheets are remarkable, they are not without their faults. Light-colored fabric soils easily—it shows dirt, spills, and all sorts of messes in high relief.  If you use white sheets in your rental rooms or your clinics, you have to buy them in massive amounts.

If you have a pet-friendly business, that is a whole other issue. Not all pets are the indoor kind, and if you have a guest or patron who likes letting their fur friend roam free, you will have to contend with paw prints and other pet-related stains.

Advantages of dark beddings or sheets

There are other bedding fabric types—if ivory or cream is too boring for you, darker or bolder colors might work. Perhaps you would like to use navy blue, forest green, or deep purple instead. Dark-colored bedding can give a room a pop of color and hide stubborn stains.

What’s more, these sheets come in various styles. Whether you choose solid colors or printed sheets, you can source your bedding from a company that can provide that particular design in bulk. No need to have mismatched fabrics; you can furnish entire floors’ worth of rooms in the same color combinations.

Disadvantages of dark-colored sheets

Of course, there are downsides to choosing colored bedding. For one, you need to stick to certain colors if you want to keep the harmony of the room. If you decorate a place around green, for example, it would be jarring if you used an orange-toned set of bedsheets in it.

Moreover, colored sheets fade over time. Though it will probably take years, especially if you get your fabric from suppliers with high quality items, colored sheets would need to be replaced sooner than white sheets. The color fastness of fabric, though, is just one factor in planning for a service-oriented business.


People’s perceptions of color make a large impact on their emotional and even spiritual wellness. Some colors are naturally soothing, and others lift your spirits and boost your energy. Meanwhile, others can evoke stress, fear, restlessness, and other negative feelings.

When choosing sheets for your business, get your items wholesale from Grover Essentials. We have a wide range of bedding fabric types, at unbeatable prices. Get in touch with us today for a sample request or for more information.

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