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Grover Essentials - Our Guide to Finding the Best Wholesale Linen Distributor - What to Know

by Princy Kumar on December 02, 2020

Many retailer companies believe that cutting off the middlemen in their operations is a cost-efficient choice. However, distributors play a pivotal role as they bridge the gap between manufacturers and customers. In addition to selling products, distributors also provide aftermarket services, manage your inventory, and optimize the process for a smooth-sailing transaction.

A wholesale distributor is particularly handy in retail businesses that focus on bath, bedding, and other household products. The quality of the linen is critical in establishing a reliable brand and building a customer pool; that’s why partnering with the right wholesale linen distributor matters more than you think. 

Why Finding the Right Wholesale Linen Distributor is Important 

The right partnership can also provide direct access to hard-to-find materials and other trends that can help add a competitive edge to your operations. This includes seasonal bedding products like weighted duvets, comforters, to exclusive fabrics like organic cotton, royal bamboo, and even antimicrobial craftsmanship. 

To that end, here are ways you can find the ideal wholesale distributor that suits your work ethics, brand, and business as a whole: 

Know What Distribution Channels Work Best in Your Industry 

Not all distributors serve the same market, that’s why it’s crucial to get to know where you fit in the supply chain and understand different ways your product travels from the manufacturer to your retail shop. There are four channels you need to analyze: 

  • Manufacturer - Buying from small manufacturers work best for specific products and boutique stores. 
  • Importer/Exclusive Distributor - Importers or exclusive distributors typically sell to smaller local wholesalers as most companies in the industry have the right to distribute their products. 
  • Wholesaler/Regional Distributor - One of the more common of the bunch, wholesalers, deliver truckload boxes of products to retailers. 
  • Jobbers - also known as wagon peddlers, jobbers focus on delivering products to brick-and-mortar stores and local grocers. 

Identifying Elements of Operational Philosophy 

An excellent distributor must meet your standard elements in operation - from drop-shipping capabilities, customization, and quick turnaround. In addition to acing the technical aspect of a distributor, working with the right one also involves choosing the partner with a similar outlook and work ethic. 

Understanding of Trends 

Knowing what your customers are buying can make or mar your relationship with wholesale your distributor. After all, customization is critical in putting your retail business ahead of the game as your store can sell bedding products that match the current trends. 

This includes comforters with decorative trims, flannel sheets, functional fabrics, breathable linens, or anti-allergen materials for the niche market. 

In Conclusion

With the right partnership, your retail business can have access to specialized materials, latest trends of the market, and insider connections. With that in mind, it may be tempting to make a deal with the first available distributor on-hand.

Keep in mind that the linen industry is a highly competitive market. Working with a quality linen distributor can give you a competitive edge in more ways than one, so take the time to get to know the right distribution channels for your business and choose a service that suits your branding. 

If you’re looking for wholesale beddings in Canada, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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