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Grover Essentials - Why Your Hotel Needs Mattress and Pillow Protectors

by Princy Kumar on December 02, 2020

Why Your Hotel Needs Mattress and Pillow Protectors 

What travelers look forward to when they go on vacation or a business trip is the hotel room they come home to at the end of the day. Most people would make sure to choose a hotel that would give them maximum comfort so that they can enjoy their trip fully.

Probably one of the essential parts of a hotel room is the bed itself. One of the first things a traveler does is surrender their whole body to the bed right after a long trip. Travelers always notice the type of bedsheet and comforter set the hotel uses because it will determine how cozy their nights would be.

To ensure guest’s safety, hotels would change the bedsheet and comforter set used by the previous guest and put clean sheets for the next guest. Since mattresses and pillows cannot be replaced for the next guest, hotels invest in protectors to make sure these items are still clean and ready to be used. Here are some reasons you must invest in mattress and pillow protectors for your hotel:

Guaranteed healthy sleeping for your guests

Mattresses serve as the perfect breeding ground for pests like mites and other bacteria. Allergens can also be present in mattresses and could trigger respiratory and skin conditions of your guests. Sleep is vital to one’s health, so it’s best to prioritize your guests’ comfort and safety.

By adding a protective layer to your mattresses and pillows, you will help prevent health issues and stop pests from breeding. What the protector does is that it stops allergens from staying in the mattress or pillows, and also protects pests from finding a new home there.

You’ll be able to make use of your mattresses and pillows longer

Because you’re adding a protective layer to your mattresses and pillows, you will make these bedroom essentials last longer even if used countless times. Using mattress and pillow protectors can help prevent stains and decrease the need to bring them to the cleaners. 

Bringing your mattresses to the cleaners because of heavy stains can be very impractical and costly. Bringing your mattresses to have them cleaned may affect its quality and could quickly be worn out. Cleaners usually use strong and dangerous chemicals to clean mattresses and pillows; this could be a health hazard because it may affect your guests’ respiratory and skin health.

Your employees will have an easier time

It takes so much time to clean a single room, imagine having to do the same thing in 20 other rooms. When you use mattress and pillow protectors, your employees only need to replace these and the previously used bedsheet and comforter set. Protectors will save much of your employees' time and are very cost-efficient.


Investing in the proper mattress and pillow protectors can do wonders for your hotel's reputation, and guests. You are ultimately protecting them from mites and allergens, and assuring them that they will get proper rest. Giving your guests a suitable bed to sleep on with the right protection and the comfiest bedsheet and comfort set will make their stay at your hotel extremely memorable.

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