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Grover Essentials - Tips for Finding & Working with Bedding Wholesalers for Your Business

by Princy Kumar on December 02, 2020

If you’re a retails store owner in search of stocking up on your essential goods, finding and working with the right wholesale supplier is crucial to your operation. This applies to brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce shops, and even service-based businesses like hair salons or auto body shops. 

However, forming a trusted relationship with the right wholesaler can be a tricky prospect. For instance, it's challenging to find quality bed and bath products such as a comforter king set, bath rug set, or bathroom mat set at a reasonable price tag. With the right research, you can see the bigger picture and have an idea of what to expect.

To that end, our tips below should help you narrow down your search and find a wholesaler for your business.

Tip #1: Get to Know Different Types of Wholesalers 

Not all wholesalers cater to the same market, so it’s no surprise that there are various ways a product can travel from the manufacturer to the retailer. With that in mind, it’s essential to understand your industry’s different channels so you can determine where you fit in the supply chain. With this knowledge, it will be easier for you to find the right wholesale for your business. 

  • Importers - this is highly beneficial for large businesses that often buy directly from overseas. 
  • Distributors - distributors send out products in bulk and repackage them in smaller quantities, making it great for small businesses. 
  • Drop Shippers - perfect for online businesses, drop shippers have the means to store large quantities of products and ship it to customers whenever orders arrive.
  • Liquidators - this is your go-to type of wholesaler for those in search of hard-to-find or discounted products, though keep in mind that this is not the best option for supplying a steady stream of day-to-day goods. 

Tip #2: Visit Trade Shows

If you’re looking for reputable wholesalers, attending trade shows are the best places to network with others within your industry. For example, joining a bed and bath event dedicated to all aspects of home design are the perfect place to get to know and ask questions about the products, process, and pricing. This is particularly beneficial for specific bedding products such as royal bamboo sheets, for instance. 

Tip #3: Search for Wholesalers in Trade Publications

Rifling through trade publications for bedding products is a direct way to source wholesalers in your field of business. You will find an extensive list of reputable connections as wholesalers view these publications as an avenue for placing ads to build their network. 

Tip #4: Search the Web

The worldwide web is a vast digital landscape that houses thousands of businesses, including wholesalers of every type, scale, and variety. You can easily find a list of potential prospects by looking them up on your local search engine, though adding a zip code to your search will help you identify a shortlist of local suppliers promptly. 

Other sources such as wholesale central or Alibaba are excellent sources for wholesale directories, both of which you can use to instantly connect with wholesalers and importers from different parts of the globe.

Different types of bedding and bath products fill aisle after aisle of bed stores. If you’re a bedding retailer looking to stock up on quality and well-priced toppers, duvets, quilts, curtains, and more, exploring wholesalers can be a tricky ordeal. With that in mind, the tips above should help narrow down your search and steer you to the right wholesaler that meets your standards. 

If you’re looking for a wholesale bedding supplier, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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