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Grover Guides - Choosing The Perfect Rug Size Made Easy

by Baneet Gurwara on October 11, 2019

Most people tend to take different approaches to jazz up any space in their home every few years. While repainting a wall or carrying out a major renovation may seem like the best way to breath new life into your home, here’s a simple yet effective approach that you should consider: rugs.

Four tips to consider

With a simple rug, you can make a huge difference in any room’s appeal within seconds. There are usually plenty of options for beautifying a room, but nothing will maximize the floor area better than a rug. In order to make sure that you’ll be rolling out the perfect rug for any room in your home, here are a few tips you should keep in mind when choosing a rug: 

  1. Go as big as possible

Falling a few centimetres short can severely impact the entire look of your room in the worst possible way, especially if the size disparity is noticeable. To make sure that your chosen rug will look as good as possible, make sure to go the extra mile. It’s alright to spend a few extra bucks on a larger rug so that you have a greater chance at a more seamless and standout look. 

  1. Stick to the proportions of your room

When picking a rug, figure out what orientation and size you want. It’s also important to keep the measurements of your room in mind so you won’t have any regrets once you roll the rug out. It’s best to match your rug size with the dimensions of your room. Ensure that it will fit in the available space. For example, a large rug is best for a large room, and a rug that’s oriented lengthwise is best for longer rooms. 

  1. Mockup the final size with tape

One easy way to visualize the final look of a rug’s size in your room is to mock-up dimensions with the help of painter’s tape or masking tape. By doing so, you’ll be able to determine whether or not your rug will fit and look right from all angles.

  1. Size your rugs according to the type of room

Another surefire way to ensure that you’ll be buying the right rug for your room is to use the room you’re buying one for as a reference point. Typically, different types of rugs are fit for different types of rooms, so you should watch out for these options:

  • Living room rugs
  • Typically, the best type of rugs for a living room go by the shape of a room. Get a rug that extends at least six inches on each side beyond the standard measure. Living room rugs tend to be the largest options in the store, simply because they help tie everything up by anchoring your living room furniture together.

  • Coffee table rugs
  • If you’re looking to go minimalist, then your best option is a rug for your coffee table because of how well it ties everything up without pushing the boundaries too far. Coffee table rugs can make a room feel much larger than it is because of its ability to play on a room’s scale. When purchasing a coffee table rug, base its size on the dimensions of your living room’s seating area is to make sure the negative space is filled as well.

  • Bedroom rugs
  • Purchasing a rug for your bedroom is pretty straightforward. Use your bed as the basis for rug placement, simply because it’s the focal point of every bedroom. The right rug for your bedroom should make it feel more defined while extending far enough to provide a soft landing pad for your feet when you wake up in the morning. 

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