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How to Hang Drapes the Right Way - Our Guide

by Baneet Gurwara on October 11, 2019

There is something elegant about drapes, and hanging them in your room can make the space beautiful in an instant. No room would seem complete without any window treatment. However, hanging the drapes the wrong way can lead to the opposite effect. So, here’s a handy guide on how to make sure that your drapes are properly hung:

  • Install the curtain rods at the right height

  • Installing the curtain rods at the right height is the first step and the trickiest part of hanging drapes. It depends on a couple of factors, including the style of the window, the height of the ceiling, and the type of window treatment you will use.

    The standard rule is that the curtain rod should be at least two inches above the window casing. When the drapes hang on either side of the window, and there is more than 12 inches distance between the ceiling and the top of the window, the rod should be halfway in between. Meanwhile, set the rods at least six inches above the window casing if you have cathedral ceilings. When the ceilings are low, or the windows are arched, however, keep the rods closer to the ceiling to create an illusion of height.

  • Create an illusion of a wider window

  • Another consideration to take to ensure that the drapes are hung properly is the width. What you want to do is to create an illusion of a wider window. This is achievable by leaving four to ten inches from the end of the window casing to the end of the curtain rod on each side. Drapes are typically open during the day, so when you can draw them from four to ten inches on each side, your window looks wider. When the rods are not wide enough, the drapes block the light and make the window look smaller.

  • Choose the right size of drapes for your space

  • The right size, length, and width of the drapes are essential to make sure that this window treatment will work well with your room. One of the common mistakes in hanging drapes is that the drapes are not long enough. Ideally, the drapes should be able to kiss the floor. For a more formal setup, the drapes can be long enough to create a puddle a few inches on the floor. You can also have drapes that are less than an inch above the floor so they hang without any break but barely touch the floor. When the drapes hang several inches above the floor, the ceilings look lower.

    Moreover, each drape panel should have a width of at least twice that of the window, so when you hang them, the drapes will look full. It depends on the type of fabric, though, as light fabrics will require more fullness than heavy fabrics.

  • Pick hardware that complements the drapes and the room

  • Lastly, drapery hardware should be able to complement the drape fabrics you use, as well as the rest of the room. Heavier and decorative rods are ideal for heavier fabrics, while lightweight, daintier rods work well with light cotton and sheer fabric. Finials, which are decorative accents at the end of the rods, can also have a big impact on the design, so it’s something to take into consideration too.

    Drapes are like an outfit for your room, which can transform it into an elegant and cozy space. There are various ready-made drape options you can buy, but you can also opt for custom-made drapes. Keep the above tips in mind when shopping and installing drapes in your house to make sure that they give your room the best look possible.

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