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Our Guide to Cleaning and Maintenance For Your Window Treatments

by Baneet Gurwara on October 11, 2019

Shades and drapes are a lot like modern plumbing—you may not think much of it while it’s working as it should, but you’ll definitely miss it when it’s gone!

There are quite a few reasons why people install window shades and drapes on their windows, with aesthetic beauty, privacy, and lighting topping the list. Regardless of why you chose to have them installed in the first place, chances are that you’ll forget all about them soon enough.

As forgettable as shades and drapes maybe, they ought to be cleaned and maintained every so often to be working at their best. Window treatments can accumulate quite a bit of dust and dirt rather quickly. Leaving them uncleaned and taking them for granted can lead to excessive dirt build-up, causing allergies and even serious health issues.

Fortunately, cleaning and maintaining your window treatments don’t require too much of your time and effort. It’s just a matter of determining what type of window treatment you own and learning how to clean them. Not sure where to start? Take a look at this cleaning and maintenance guide below:


Window shades are the most basic kind of window treatment. Here are the three most common types and how you can clean them:

  • Roman Shades: The first on the list is the Roman shade. Roman shades are easy to clean. You need to use a brush vacuum attachment or a duster to dust off the surface. To spot clean, simply blot the affected area using a damp rag with mild soap or detergent. Avoid rubbing and use a gentle touch on your shades.
  • Cellular or Honeycomb: Next is the Cellular or Honeycomb. These shades have multiple layers of fabric that can create small pockets for debris to build up. It’s best to use the brush attachment on your vacuum to avoid discolouration. Use the low, cool setting of a blow dryer to loosen up dust inside the cells. If there is a stain, use a damp cloth to blot the spot gently.
  • Solar: Last on the list is solar. Solar shades are very durable. They are often resistant to mould and moisture. You should be able to use a damp cloth to wipe them down. If there isn’t too much dust accumulated, you can also use a feather duster or brush attachment on a vacuum.


There are many different kinds of blinds that use a variety of control systems to cover your windows. Below are a few types and how you can clean them:

  • Wood: The first type of blinds on the list is the type made of regular wood. All you need to do for this type of window treatment is to wipe each slat with a soft duster or cloth. You can also use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum if you have one. Avoid using water, as this can cause unwanted warping and discolouration of the material. Skip any chemical cleaning solutions as well, as they can cause further damage.
  • Faux Wood: Faux wood is the next on the list. This material is more resistant to moisture than real wood. Therefore, you have more options when it comes to cleaning. Wipe the slats with a dry cloth. Then, run over them again with a warm, damp cloth using a detergent or soap. Make sure that you avoid using an abrasive sponge as it can damage the surface.
  • Aluminum: The last type of blinds on the list is aluminum. Aluminum blinds are incredibly durable. Therefore, they are very easy to clean. You can use a dry rag or try using warm water if the rag doesn’t get everything off. If the blinds are grimy, remove them and soak them in a warm, mildly soapy bathtub. This is to loosen up any debris, making it easier to wipe down the slats.


Finally, drapes, sometimes called draperies, are long enough to reach from the top of the window to the floor.

Maintaining your drapes is simple. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to suck up and remove dust and debris. If you don’t have the attachment, use a broom with soft, synthetic fibres and brush it all off. You can also wash the fabric; however, you need to identify what kind of material it is. Once identified, wash your drapes according to the material type recommendations.

Part of a healthy, happy home is knowing how to maintain it. Not only are neglected shades and drapes unsightly, but they can affect your health in the long run. By regularly cleaning your window treatments, you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery from your window without being disgusted by the dust on the inside.

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