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Style Tips & Practical Benefits of Curtains & Drapes

by Baneet Gurwara on October 11, 2019

There are benefits that curtains and drapes bring to the table, especially in the dining room. The dining room is not just about the furniture, the silverware, the crystal lighting, or the food that you put. It’s also about the curtains and drapes that you hang. 

If you really want your dining room to look as fabulous as you can afford, get your dining room the curtains and drapes it deserves. These things really add a certain panache that makes places look alluring. 

Do you want your dining room to look like the restaurant in your favourite hotel? Do you want it to look similar to your favourite celebrity’s dining room? The choice for style is unlimited. Go for what you like. Pick the fabrics and patterns that make you swoon. Consider the sizes. Your partner might not be supportive at first, but once the benefits of having curtains and drapes are revealed, your partner might be inclined to concede.

Practical Benefits

Here are the practical benefits of having curtains and drapes in the dining room.

  • Light Control

  • Curtains and drapes can reduce the glare or can block light completely. The sun’s light is only pretty in the early morning; a little over seven a.m. becomes a nuisance. Your neighbour’s backyard light can be intrusive. Having curtains and drapes can really block those out. 

  • Privacy

  • If you value security and privacy in your household, curtains and drapes can do that simple trick. They keep prying eyes off the company you keep when you eat. 

  • Insulation

  • With a thick fabric, you can block the high temperature of a summer day to help keep your dining room cool. It can also prevent 50 percent of air from escaping your window, which will keep your energy bills lower. Thick fabric is, however, not ideal if the room is dark.

    Tips on Using Curtains and Drapes in the Dining Room

    Curtains and drapes can be the crowning glory of your house, specifically in your dining area. Here are the ways that curtains and drapes can bring together all the elements in your dining room. 

  • Match curtains and table linens

  • You don’t have to make everything to match; just these two. If you have a blue wall, hang yellow-coloured curtains and drapes. Make it match your table linens, too. This colour will block your wall’s intense colour, and it will give your dining room a cozy touch.

  • Stay neutral

  • If you have beautiful frames, you don’t have to have your curtains and drapes grab anybody’s attention. Choose prints that set a balance. For example, if you have painted timber frames, choose a leafy curtain print.

  • Get dark print

  • If you want to draw people’s eyes to the windows, get dark prints. This is perfect if you have flowers and fruits right outside your dining room window. 

  • Choose velvet

  • If you want to achieve a glamorous effect, grab velvet. Not only is velvet an excellent insulator, but it is also often associated with elegance and luxe appeal.

    Investing in bespoke curtains and drapes can be expensive, but your family and your guests will enjoy it for years to come. They add a touch of luxury. Most importantly, they provide comfort with you and the members of your family. 

    Grover Essentials has a wonderful selection of curtains and drapes to beautify your home, get in touch with us today to see how we can help! 

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