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Grover Essentials -3 Reasons Why Your Bedding Business Needs a Wholesaler - What to Know

by Princy Kumar on December 02, 2020


If you’re a retail owner that sells products in volume, having the right supply chain for your niche is crucial to the success of your business. Now that the competition is fiercer than ever, with brick-and-mortar shops and e-commerce stores fighting for the spotlight, retailers need to find more ways to fulfill orders more efficiently like never before. 

That’s where drop shipping comes into play, which is a service offered by wholesalers that refers to stocking or shipping products. This means as a retailer, you can enjoy selling a variety of products without worrying about storage or stocking as drop shipping companies will do the legwork for you. This is particularly beneficial for small, online businesses. To that end, here are more reasons why working with a wholesaler is beneficial for your business: 

Benefit #1: Provide Market Information to the Manufacturer

Working with drop shipping companies doesn’t just mean buying products in bulk from a wholesaler. It also gives you the benefit of having inside information regarding the market - from demand, consumer preferences, as well as the number of supplies you need. 

If your shop focuses on bed and bath products, you can benefit from a supplier that understands what the consumer currently wants. Royal bamboo sheets, for instance, cater to pet lovers as the bed covering promotes hypoallergenic and antibacterial features. 

This minimizes the risk of triggering allergies, making it perfect for sensitive customers who want to spend more time with their pets in bed. 

Benefit #2: Better Product Assortment 

When your business is selling home products, such as for bedding and bathroom needs, consumers typically demand to have an assortment of options to choose from. This is primarily more apparent in e-commerce sites, wherein customers naturally look for wider selections. 

With that in mind, working with a drop shipping company gives you the option of exploring various bedding products - from plain to ultra-premium and everything in between. As mentioned above, the best part is that you don’t have to keep the inventory yourself, allowing you more room for selections without taking up space. 

Benefit #3: Offers Quick Turnaround

One of the biggest advantages of drop shipping companies, particularly within the bedding industry, is their ability to create custom designs for consumers. You can make the most of this by sending out custom lines to the market at high speed, allowing you to produce innovative designs and deliver with a quick turnaround. Combining the best of both worlds - such as having unique designs with an expedited timeline will give you the edge you need over your competitors. 

Why You Need Drop Shipping in Your Business

Dropshipping companies play a vital role as they help ramp up your production by sourcing and stocking the necessary materials you need. Without the need for storage or inventory, retailers can enjoy bang for the buck product options within a saturated market. 

Think of them as your bread and butter’s catalyst that influences your sales. The right drop shipping company will help you manage your supply, analyze consumer demand, and even boost your promotion down the line so long as you maintain a healthy, professional working relationship.

If you’re looking for a wholesale bath and bedding supplier, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.


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