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Grover Essentials - 3 Bedding Trends You Should Stock Up in Your Inventory in 2020 - What to Know

par Princy Kumar sur December 01, 2020

This year is all about embracing comfort as the ultimate bedding setup, which is why retailers need to stock up on the latest household linen trends to greet the new year with a bang. Innovations in bedding items have set a higher standard - from the performance of the mattress, thread count, and quality of the materials. 

Thanks to the surge of functional and sustainable bedding pieces, there is now a growing savvy customer base. These popular trends offer plenty of opportunities for retail buyers, making 2020 an exciting year to stock up on the hottest finds in the bedding market. With that in mind, the list below showcases the top pieces that are selling out everywhere: 

Trend #1: Sustainable Fabrics

The modern consumer values the sourcing of their purchased goods to contribute to the eco-movement for the environment, making sustainability a significant theme in high fashion. The bedding industry also follows in pursuit as customers demand sustainable products like organic cotton and bamboo sheets. 

These products are made free of pesticides on top of natural fibers adding to the driver in the bedding market, allowing consumers and retailers alike to buy and sell allergen-free items. By eliminating chemicals and irritants in bedding materials, retailers can expand their customer base as their products aim to reduce allergy symptoms and enhance their overall experience.

Trend #2: Solution-Based Linens 

Innovators within the bedding industry continue to revolutionize their products by putting utility at the forefront of their design. This results in a movement towards solution-based bed sheets that promote health and convenience to consumers like temperature-controlled sheets. 

The cooling feature is rising on top of the best-seller’s list as it aids consumers in improving the quality of sleep. In contrast, the natural fibers found in bamboo fabrics improve breathability. Another example of solution-based linens includes eco-friendly and tossable sheets, which cater to hospitals, spas, care homes, and even college students who have no time to handle excess loads of laundry. 

Trend #3: Comfort-Inducing Blankets and Throws 

As mentioned above, the bedding industry is leaning towards a sustainable movement in recent years. That means that materials are designed with purpose, such as maximizing the comfort levels of the buyers. In addition to playing around with maximalist or minimalist decor, some trends include fringe accents to living room throws to enhance its softness along with an added touch of flair to the design. 

Meanwhile, heavy duvets and weighted blankets are all the rage in home decor shops as consumers rave over homely designs. 

In Conclusion

The latest trends are all about personalization, sustainability, and comfort, which is why working with bedding wholesalers is the best way to go if you want to keep up with the demands. Grover Essentials, for instance, offers bedding products that are unique and customizable. This gives retailers a competitive edge as they can stock up on key trends that cater to the consumer’s wishlist for 2020. 

If you’re looking for wholesale bedding suppliers in Canada, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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