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Grover Essentials - 3 Reasons Your Hotel Rooms Need Shower Curtains

par Princy Kumar sur December 01, 2020

Running a hotel business requires you to be thorough and attentive to your guests’ needs, all of which should be anticipated even before they express the need for it. Satisfied customers keep your business up and running, and with superb service and quality accommodations, you’ll be well on your way to being the talk of the town. Such details include the tiniest concerns, such as the possibility of splashing water in the bathroom.

A shower curtain may seem like a general household item, one of which does not seem like a priority in the grand scheme of hotel businesses. However, they offer you a significant purpose, one that will keep your clients happy. Here’s why you should invest in shower curtains:

They will prevent guests from splashing water all over the bathroom 

Due to the constant presence of water, bathrooms can be a hazardous area for slips and falls. Shower curtains were designed to keep water off the bathroom floor, which is exactly what your hotel business needs. This can be beneficial for both showers and bathtubs, as these curtains help water from splashing all over the area. 

As a room made from tiles, slipping and sliding in the bathroom can happen at any given moment, rendering your guests vulnerable. If you wish to keep water away from the bathroom floor, invest in shower curtains. The bathroom rugs can only do so much, especially if they end soaking up too much water—prevention is always better than cure, after all. 

Your staff will not need to worry about any difficulties in maintenance or installation 

Given its nature of resembling regular curtains, shower curtains are fairly easy to use. They are made with a simple structure, with rods and pins already prepared for easy installation. There are also specific components that allow them to be set up in every possible bathroom, no matter how complex your hotel bathrooms may be. 

Maintenance is also easy, as shower curtains are made from plastic material that can be scrubbed with ease. Any grime build-up only requires one set of hands, a good cleaning agent, and if possible, a washing machine. 

You allow your bathroom to look more presentable

Seeing as shower curtains come in a variety of options, you have the liberty to choose between designs, colors, and even patterns. You may be under the impression that your hotel bathrooms are well decorated now, but the right shower curtain can turn any bathroom into a better and cozier space. 

Depending on your theme, you can choose a shower curtain depicting a scenic view of the mountains, polka dots, or simply the light blue color of the rest of your hotel. The important thing is that your shower curtain should match the rest of your room!

Making Your Spaces Safe and Cozy

The prolonged presence of water can lead to a rather messy stay, and in the worst cases, debilitating accidents. For this reason, it’s only logical to look for methods to prevent such instances from happening. In this case, a shower curtain is the most ideal solution. Given the benefits listed above, there’s no other way to respond than to simply invest in it!

For more bed and bath necessities for your businesses, Grover Essentials has you covered. We understand that finding the right tools to help your business can be difficult, especially when talking about value. We offer you the most ideal solutions, however—find fantastic bargains across our site and get superb quality. Browse through our collections today!

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