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Grover Essentials - 4 Habits of Excellent Wholesale Bedding Distributors You Should Know

par Princy Kumar sur December 01, 2020

Retailers understand the importance of establishing connections with the right wholesale supplier, especially in a high-traffic market that involves home supplies such as bedding and bath products. While the demand is at an all-time high, wholesale bedding distributors are in a fierce competition as retailers expect various options - from an extensive list of online wholesalers to better in-store experiences. 

It can be tough to keep your wholesale bedding business afloat amid the highly saturated market. That's why knowing the tried and true methods of successful distributors are critical to success in an era wherein consumer shopping habits have gone haywire. To that end, the tips below should help guide you with the right tricks of your trade to help maximize your profits down the line. 

1. Focus on the Market

Excellent and reliable suppliers know how to home in on market trends. This includes having the right resources to evaluate consumers to determine in-demand products, as well as forecast what kind of products must be produced depending on the season. 

For instance, successful bedding wholesalers know that heavyweight duvet and fluffy linens are highly popular on shelves during Christmas. On the other hand, ignoring the trends and selling products without any relation to consumer demand will only lead to a low return on investment for your business. 

2. Evaluate Your Distribution Strategy

Another habit of a successful wholesaler is their ability to stay on top of the central activities of their business. This involves the distribution of your products, be it for online sales or physical deliveries. Whether you’re a well-seasoned wholesaler or a newbie looking to land a big break, here are questions to ask yourself as a guide: 

  • Is my wholesale business fit for distribution? 
  • Can I supply enough inventory? 
  • Am I equipped to accept the consumer’s payment terms? 
  • What online channels can I potentially work with? 
  • Should I work with a broker? 
  • What type of distribution partner will serve me and the needs of my customers? 

With that in mind, reliable wholesale distributors regularly base their decisions on the questions above to help them make the right choices. For instance, a wholesale distributor may choose to focus their promotions in a specific area with the highest customer pool. 

3. Understand Your Customers 

Addressing the pain points of your consumers is the key to meeting their needs. As a wholesaler, using your historical sales data will help you analyze your customer’s shopping behaviour to determine which products work or not. 

Comfort is the number one priority of retailers within your niche. Manufacturing and distributing Egyptian cotton, for instance, can put your business under the spotlight as customers love the non-static features of the material. It also keeps people warm under cold weather without causing them to sweat after long-time use. 

By providing bedding articles that prioritize comfort, you can convert a one-time buyer into a repeat customer. 

Wholesale can be a lucrative business venture, so long as you have the right strategy to meet the needs of consumers. Keeping up with the market trends is also critical, no matter what your niche is. To that end, knowing how other successful distributors navigate the market helps boost your operations down the line. 

If you’re looking for an excellent wholesale bedding supplier, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

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