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Grover Essentials - 4 Things to Consider When Choosing Right Bath Rug For Your Hotel Rooms

par Princy Kumar sur December 01, 2020

Running a hotel is all about making your guests feel comfortable and cozy, with just the right touch of luxury. You’d naturally pour everything into fixtures and lighting, the bed, and other decorations. While it may be incredibly tempting to just leave the bathroom as it is, ensuring that the entire room is up to standard is crucial to your guests’ experience. Your business is more than just a bed and bath after all—your hotel should feel like their home away from home. 

A part of this effort is ensuring that the bathroom remains functional yet aesthetically pleasing. The best of both worlds can be found in bath rugs, a task that may seem like doesn’t require much thought. Many overlook its significance, however, as it serves as not only the focal point of the bathroom but sees to the safety of your guests. 

Before running to your local stores and purchasing bath rugs, however, it is important to know exactly what makes up a good rug. It’s more than just a centre-piece, after all. Here’s what to consider when choosing the right rug: 

1 - Measurements 

To get the right rug, it’s crucial that you first measure the floor space where you wish to lay the rug. Placing a rug too large or small can also ruin your bathroom’s entire look. It could be either at the center or beside the shower or bathtub, where it could prevent slippage from the presence of water on the tiles. Guests emerging from the shower or tub are vulnerable to slipping, so it’s best to place it near sources of water.

2 - Color

Color also plays a crucial role in purchasing a bath rug. Choosing the wrong one can make your hotel bathrooms look stiff or mismatched, which can ruin the overall intended atmosphere of the room. If you wish to command a more relaxed feeling, opt for warm earthy tones like beige, brown, and green. Blue can also serve as a nice pop of color in an otherwise white space, and opting for geometric space induces a modern feel. 

3 - Material

The material is the most crucial element of bath rugs. As pieces constantly exposed to water, your chosen material needs to be durable. Cotton rugs, for example, are absorbent yet fast-drying, making it the perfect choice for hotels. They are also extremely soft, but if you wish for a more durable choice, woven rugs are the way to go. While not as soft as cotton, woven rugs are waterproof and are likely to last longer. 

4 - Safety features 

Your chosen bathroom rug should also showcase safety features, especially when drenched in water. You wouldn’t want your guests slipping and falling into accidents. Bath rugs should also come with extra properties like antimicrobial, as well as other features like memory foams, washability, and even sustainability. 

The Takeaway

Although heavily overlooked, a good-looking bathroom can make or break your guests’ experience. It’s an extension of their bedroom, so your choice of decoration will greatly affect their stay. 

Adding a bathroom rug, for instance, can brighten up any bath space—so long as you choose the right one. By marrying functionality and aesthetics, the perfect bath rug will turn your white tiles and concrete walls into a bathroom worth those 5-star reviews!

If you’re on the hunt for bath rugs in Canada, Grover Essentials offers the best on the market. We’ve dedicated ourselves to offering products at exceptional prices. Gain more for less with us—browse through our collection today!

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