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Grover Essentials - 5 Cleaning Measures That Can Help Your Hotel Beat COVID-19

par Princy Kumar sur December 01, 2020

Among the many issues that the COVID-19 pandemic has put to light are cleanliness and hygienic standards. As one of the hardest-hit industries, hotels must upgrade their policies in order to convince would-be patrons that they are safe in their establishments. 

To help you in that regard, here are five cleaning measures that will go a long way toward convincing would-be visitors of your business’s hygienic standards.

  • Use modular furniture 

  • One way to approach this would be by introducing modularity in your hotel’s furniture. This helps you enforce stringent disinfection measures by actually removing the part of the furniture that comes into contact with guests at any given time. Some furniture items, such as chairs, tables, or even headboards, can be built in a way that parts like covers can be swapped out at specific parts of the day for quick and easy cleaning. 

    The easiest way to introduce modularity is by using furniture slipcovers on your lobby’s chairs, as well as the ones found in your guest’s rooms!

  • Use differently-colored covers

  • Changing bed sheets and furniture slipcovers a few times during the guest’s stay is a given. However, it’s also important to give your guests a way to know just how much work has been made to ensure their safety. 

    One way to do this is by using differently-colored versions of the same style of bed sheets and furniture covers. While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to swap out blankets, bath rugs, and even curtain panels as well. 

    To signal that they’ve been changed, you can use the same color to match the ones you replaced. This not only freshens up a room but also lets your guests immediately notice the work you've done. 

  • Disinfect high-contact but non-replaceable surfaces several times a day 

  • Using alcohol-based cleaners, it’s good practice to clean and disinfect surfaces that regularly get touched by employees and guests alike. This includes your hotel’s front desk countertops, stair railings, elevator buttons,  and all the doorknobs and handles as well. 

    Do this a couple of times a day to ensure cleanliness as much as possible. 

  • Require the use of face masks for guest and employees 

  • According to the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, wearing masks is a must for people out in the general public to prevent the spread of the virus. This helps unknowingly infected people from spreading the virus hiding in their bodies! At the same time, otherwise healthy people will also be protected from contracting the virus. 

    This means that in your hotel, guests and employees alike need to be wearing masks to curb the spread of the virus effectively. Remember that as a hotelier, you reserve the right to deny entry to your establishment. 

  • Limit operation of amenities that encourage mass gatherings and practice social distancing

  • Your bars, spas, and fitness gyms will have to stay closed for the time being, given that it’s still best to encourage people to practice social distancing. If at all possible, your restaurants should not be open as well. Instead, it’s best to serve food via room service. While this may result in dips on your hotel revenues, keeping your guests safe and complying with regulations will help your hotel stay afloat during the pandemic. 


    In times of crisis, communicating the work you’ve done can be as important as achieving your end result. This is especially true with COVID-19, and the uncertainty brought about by trying to fend off an unseen enemy such as a virus. However, these five tips should help you fend off both the virus and its effects on the hotel industry as a whole!

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