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Grover Essentials - How to Find High-Quality Bed Sheets for Your Home - Our Guide (1)

par Princy Kumar sur December 01, 2020

Buying sheets for your home seems simple enough. All you need to do is check the size of your mattress and the number of pillowcases included in the bedsheet and comforter set, and you are good, right? If you are particular about these kinds of things, maybe you go for sheets that complement the colors of your room, but that seems like the most people would do when it comes to finding bed sheets.

However, for those who want to maximize their comfort, this is not enough. Finding the perfect bed sheets means investing in quality fabric, in sheets that are soft but durable, and in sheets that can withstand washings over months or years. Fortunately, all it takes to find this is an eye for detail. When finding the best bed sheets, look at the thread count, staple length, and weave.

Thread Count

This is the sheet characteristic most people are familiar with and is referenced in popular culture when talking about luxury bed sheets. Simply speaking, thread count refers to the number of strands you will find in a single square inch of the fabric. Just because a bedsheet has a high thread count, that doesn’t mean it’s better than those with lower counts. A high thread count is just one part of the set of traits that make up well-made fabric. 

This is in part due to tactics employed by businessmen to move more inventory. Thread count, in some cases, can be construed to refer to a fabric that has been plied. Plying refers to twisting two threads together to form a single thread. This makes for a rougher surface.

Manufacturers took advantage of this loophole by counting threads in two-ply sheets as separate. This means a thread count of 300 may refer to 150 two-ply threads. This matters because single-ply cloth with a high thread count is light and flowing. Two-ply is much heavier.

Staple Length

This refers to the length of the cotton fibers used in making the sheet. Cotton, because it is soft and durable, is used in a lot of bed sheets. Like in thread count, though, you can’t just rely on surface details. It is less important that a bedsheet is made of 100 percent cotton. What you should be looking for is the staple length. Generally speaking, the shorter the cotton staple, the lower-quality its fabrics turn out.

Short staple fiber, the lowest quality commercially available, is 1-1/8 inches long. About half an inch long is the next type, long-staple, at 1-1/4 inches. The highest quality is extra-long fiber, which ranges from 1-3/8 inches to two inches long.

Everyday cotton sheets use short-staple fiber. A variant of short-staple cotton many fabric manufacturers use is American Upland. Labels that say “100 percent” cotton usually refer to fabric made from this type of cotton. Another variant is Pima, a long-staple cotton fiber. It is slightly shiny and is good for people who dislike a matte finish on their bedsheets. Egyptian and Supima cotton sheets are among the highest quality cotton fabrics on the market. However, many people take advantage of their popularity. As it is, it’s especially easy to be duped with fake Egyptian cotton. If the price is too good to be true for an Egyptian sheet set, be wary of it.

Textile Weave

The difference in textile weaves shows better over time. The weave is the most intangible building block of fabrics. It refers to the overall “feel” of a bedsheet which is brought about by the way the cotton and thread are sewn together. Percale has a soft and smooth finish, feels light on the skin, and is great for people who need a cool environment to fall asleep.

Meanwhile, flannel is made with a twill weave. It is very soft and can act as a cushion, making it a good choice for people who want to be bundled up at night. Finally, sateen is luxurious and shiny. It is woven using four threads, which is very warm on the skin but is perfect for cold climates. Sateen is also the one that needs the most care in washing.


As with anything in life, quality is the way to go. It is not practical to purchase a lot of poorly made bed sheets that will fall apart in a matter of months. Well-made fabric only gets better with time, which makes it an excellent home investment.

For quality beddings and home essentials, visit us at Grover Essentials in Canada today. We have a wide range of bed sheet and comforter set in a variety of styles and colours. Browse our products or contact us for more information.

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