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Grover Essentials - How to Pick the Ideal Mattress & Comforter for Your Luxury Hotel Rooms

par Princy Kumar sur December 01, 2020

Not every hotel guest is booking a room for the same purpose. Some are exploring a new city while others are seeking the perfect staycation. Whatever the case, one thing hotel's guests have in common is how much they love luxury bedding. If you’re up and coming in the hotel industry, an essential step towards earning those five stars is making sure your temporary tenants are comfortable. Consider these features when shopping for your luxury furniture. 

Comforter sizes and bedding charts

With bed shopping, there is no one brand that fits all. Make sure you’re well-versed in reading standard mattress size labels and how to compare dimensions to bed frames you’ve purchased for your hotel. 

Keep in mind that some brands will label their comforters a certain way but correspond to a range of measurements instead of exact sizes. 


Full or queen-sized comforters are often too long for full-sized beds. They might, however, not be long enough to cover the sides of a queen-sized bed. If you have a full-sized mattress, opt for a comforter with less width, whereas you’ll want to consider a comforter with more width if you’re covering up a queen-sized mattress. 


Some labels such as “twin” can get a little tricky. Twin-sized comforters, for instance, may not fit too well on a Twin XL mattress, as they often aren’t long enough. To avoid mismatches, you’ll be better off keeping the dimensions of your mattresses and bed frames on-hand at all times. 


Though similar in size, Kings and California Kings are actually not interchangeable. California King mattresses are a little wider, so placing a King comforter on a Cal King mattress might lead to less coverage at the foot of the bed. 

Down Comforters

When purchasing a down comforter, don’t forget that they often puff up, which might result in a lack of coverage if you aren’t taking measurements down to the T. 

Mattress thickness

How thick your mattress is can determine how well bedding fits your bed frame. Most mattresses are 9 to 12 inches thick. Pillows and comfort layers can also make an impact on your bed thickness. If your mattress is on the thicker side, be sure to pick out comforters with a greater width. 

How to Measure Your Mattress

Measuring your mattress is a vital step you need to take before you start shopping. To calculate the correct width of comforter you need to purchase, add the length and thickness on each side of your bed. 

For example: If your queen-sized mattress is 60 inches wide and 12 inches thick, you’re going to want to purchase a comforter that is at least 84 inches wide.

Ideally, you’ll want to shop for a comforter that hangs equally from the sides and foot of the bed. If you’re placing your mattress atop a box spring with a bed skirt, you’ll want your comforter to cover both. The general rule is that a third of the bed skirt should be visible. If your bed frames don’t have box springs, comforters should cover all sides of the frame but not touch the floor.

Some types of bedding will be labelled “oversize”, which are meant to accommodate mattresses with extra comfort layers because of their extra width. If you have a thicker mattress but aren’t doubling up with pillow tops and comfort layers, you may be better off without an oversized comforter. 


Determining the look and feel of your hotel beds can be a pretty daunting task, especially when you’re gunning for those high ratings. 

If you’re interested in high-quality bedsheets and mattresses in Canada for a fraction of the price, we’re the bedding experts you want to consult with! Contact us now at Grover Essentials.

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