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Grover Essentials - Learn From The Experts_ 3 Tips To Protect Your Hotel Mattresses

par Princy Kumar sur December 01, 2020

Guests choose hotels over other accommodations for a reason—they expect sheer and utter comfort. One of the focal points of that comfort factor is your hotel’s mattresses, which should induce relaxation. It plays a huge role in their vacation experience, especially after a long day of visiting tourist attractions.

Given the number of guests that come and go, however, the mattress is a hotel room element that requires your utmost attention. It requires high-quality care and sanitation, especially because it’s susceptible to becoming a breeding ground for germs, as well as a huge target for a variety of stains—wine, food, and blood, for instance. 

You’ll want a skilled housekeeping staff to keep your mattresses in tiptop shape, but how can you further protect and prolong their life span? Patience and dedication are necessary, but we’ve gathered some expert tips to help you out:

Tip #1: Use a protective coating to prevent stains 

Proper maintenance of mattresses requires prevention, especially since certain stains and damage can be difficult to address. Since your mattresses see heavy traffic of guests all throughout the year, it’s paramount that you invest in protective maintenance, both for physical wear and tear and other possible accidents. 

You can opt to invest in special coatings that help keep your mattress safe and sound, especially from human excretions, food stains, and other mishaps. These special coatings can also increase your hotel’s overall sanitary condition, especially since they come with anti-microbial features. With an additional protective layer, you ensure an overall excellent guest experience, all without sacrificing your investments.

Tip #2: Train your staff to ventilate rooms during room service 

When it comes to the protection of your mattresses, having the right people by your side is crucial. Room service is one of the most important factors to proper mattress maintenance, as this is where your mattress will be allowed to “breathe” in the ventilation process. Your housekeeping staff should know that opening the window and leaving the door open is crucial, as it allows the air to flow through and fresh up the room.

This method also ensures that no moisture is left in the room, particularly in the mattress. Any semblance of an issue must be noted by your staff immediately, especially when it comes to mattress problems.

Tip #3: Allow your mattress to see the sun several times a year 

Mattresses should never be cleaned using wet methods, which include detergents, steam, and water. It’s regarded as a forbidden practice, as moisture can easily seep into the mattress and cause irreparable damage. Your cleaning methods should be as dry as possible, so it’s best to entrust your mattresses with the sun. Make sure that your mattress sees the sun a couple of times a year, particularly after high guest season. It’s also good to do so during low occupancy season, so long as your mattress gains the rejuvenation it needs. 

For a more thorough cleaning method, however, it’s best to consult with professional cleaning services. Any stain or damage warrants the need of experts, and they’ll help save your investments for the years to come. 

Ensuring A Comfortable Stay Without Sacrifices 

Your hotel rooms need ample care and attention, as they essentially serve as the backbone of your business. Your guests come here to stay and relax, especially after a long day of activities and tours. 

You’ll want to provide them with the best experience possible, which means investing in comfortable mattresses, beddings, and other essentials. That said, remember to protect your investment—mattresses can be expensive, so make sure to use these tips to avoid compromising their quality!

For wholesale bedding and mattress protectors, Grover Essentials has you covered. We understand how difficult it can be to find the right products for your hotel rooms, but fear not—our extensive selection of products may just be what you’re looking for. We offer you quality items at the best prices—browse through our products today!

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