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Grover Essentials - Our Guide to Finding the Best Flannel Bed Sheet Retailer for Your Business

par Princy Kumar sur December 02, 2020

Flannel bed sheets offer the best protection during winter months, which is why sales of these types of bedcovers increase sharply toward the end of autumn. A retailer prepared for the influx of orders provides more value to consumers, and your business’ success relies on your ability to keep supplying products.

This is why it is important to choose a good sheet supplier, one who can provide premium home textiles throughout the winter season. Whether you’re replacing your current provider or are looking for a textile supplier for the first time, look out for these characteristics:

  • Understands customer needs

  • Keep an eye out for consumer reviews on your prospective supplier. When looking for good flannel bed sheets, people have a list of requirements. First among these is the weight. The heavier a set, the softer and warmer it is. People will readily give reviews on bed sheet review sites, if they see that the bed sheets they purchase are not up to standard.

    Some considerations to consider also include pilling and colour fastness. Pilling is that rough texture acquired by sheets after washing and drying. Lesser-quality fabrics are known to be susceptible to this. Colourfastness, meanwhile, is the ability of the fabric to retain its vibrancy even after prolonged use. 

    Weight and aesthetic appeal are among the biggest draws for flannel sheets, but there may be others. For example, some consumers are conscious of whether their items are ethically produced. These customers may choose organic flannel over other types.

  • Has a variety of stock

  • Good sales volume can be achieved through quick replenishment of stocks. There must be no gap between the consumption of stock and refilling the shelves. An efficient supplier avoids back orders and will have a variety of stock on hand and can deliver to their different distributors quickly.

    Suppliers who offer customization methods are also valuable in helping your retail business set itself apart. Customization can help move units especially during the holiday season. A supplier that can fill the demand for short-run items while fulfilling standard orders will help in the surge that gift-giving creates.

    You will easily find information on suppliers through trade shows and publications. Another way of monitoring is by contacting organizations such as a local Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau.

  • Can handle dropshipping

  • Dropshipping lets you provide items that you do not physically have in stock. It is not only e-commerce stores that must rely on dropshipping during rush season. Brick-and-mortar retailers must maximize all their sales channels, and this includes online stores. Ask your supplier if they are able to provide this service. 

    It is not enough to limit your products to what you have in your own warehouse; you must provide online-only products for customers that live far from your store. The modern retail landscape is fast evolving and might require flexible strategies for success. Customer convenience is one of the pillars of a good business, and dropshipping facilitates that ease for your patrons.


    A retailer is successful when it has good suppliers. Your supplier must be knowledgeable on what your target market likes. They must also be aware of whether the customers like buying online or in-person and what financing options they need. For suppliers of flannel sheets, you should look for a company that is able to provide quality and customization in a timely manner.

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