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Grover Essentials - Pretty in White_ Why White Sheets Are Popular in the Hospitality Industry

par Princy Kumar sur December 02, 2020

Evolutions in fashion, function, and hygiene continue to shape the go-to design choices in hotels, especially when creating the ultimate space where wistful travelers can unwind in between their adventures. Hoteliers know the impact of their establishment’s interior design in the overall mood and experience of guests - from the lining, flooring, carpeting, down to the bedding. 

The bedding varies in its comfort level and sophistication in every hotel, and it’s no surprise that the higher the stars, the more luxurious it feels to plop down on. While five-star hotels aim to provide a bed where you can sleep on cloud nine, there’s one thing that remains constant in every hospitality industry regardless of its rating: white linens. 

The Impact of White Sheets in Hotels 

White may seem like a color that is easy to overlook, but there’s a reason why it has become a revelation in the hospitality industry. Way before the ‘90s, hotels could play around with different hues for the bedding. 

Not only did it serve to enhance the decor, but its panache comes packed with practicality as colored sheets can hide stains like a charm. However, hotel designers discovered that white sheets were able to provide an understated elegance to the room, allowing guests to sleep better as it gives off an impression of luxury. 

That’s why hotels have started using neutral white as their go-to choice, especially since its simplicity can complement any decorative changes, themes, and styles in hotel rooms. 

White Sheets: Beyond Its Timeless Beauty 

White sheets skyrocketed to popularity and became the hallmark of luxury bedding up to this day. The versatile color makes it an excellent match for various designs, plus it can add a stunning contrast when paired with other accessories like pillowcases. 

Beyond the timeless style, white color has also proven to be the best choice simply because it is the easiest to stain - making it easy to spot and change the covers so every guest can sleep in fresh, clean sheets every time. 

The fact that hoteliers constantly change their sheets now that they don’t have any room to hide imperfections creates a genuinely luxurious experience for guests, even in boutique hotels. According to a global hospitality management school called Les Roches, white sheets also influence people’s perception of the hotel and promote better sleep, making it a key accessory more than meets the eye.

The Bottom Line: White Linens Offer Timeless Beauty and Function in Hotels For Years to Come 

Hotel beds have always been iconic for providing extreme comfort to its guests - from their fluffy pillows, weighted duvet, and luxuriously white linen. White has been the perennial favorite color in the industry for decades, but there’s more magic to the color than you would expect!

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