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Grover Essentials - Taking Care of Hotel Linens_ 4 Tips To Follow

par Princy Kumar sur December 02, 2020

The hotel industry is regarded as a necessity, particularly for people travelling far away from home. Hotels provide an alternative safe space to guests, a shelter they come home to after a day of touring, business meetings, or simply sightseeing. Given the nature of the business, it’s only rightful that hotel owners invest in a clean and comfortable environment. 

You’ll want to purchase the best beds, seats, and even bathroom items, but one of the most critical parts of the room will always be linens. They keep guests warm and cozy as they doze off, but constant use and regular washing can greatly reduce their durability.

Hotel businesses scramble to look for ways to prolong the color, life, and functionality of their linens, but the wealth of information can be overwhelming. To help you make the most of your linen investment, we’ve gathered these tips for you:

Tip #1: Ensure that you purchase high-quality linen

Although hotel operational expenses can be costly, buying cheap isn’t always the best idea. When it comes to your hotel linen, it’s always best to devote your money to quality pieces. By doing so, you allow your guests to bask on cozy, clean, and presentable sheets, which amplifies their experiences and ultimately, your reputation. 

Investing in quality linen also means that they last for a long period, withstanding numerous washes and regular use. Make sure to invest in the following linen coverings:

  • Bedding
  • Pillowcases
  • Blankets
  • Comforters

Tip #2: Enforce a strict “no stain” policy 

Given the constant stream of guests, it can be rather difficult to ensure that your linens stay clean. There’s always the risk of your linens going through food stains like ketchup and grease, makeup, and even beverage stains from juice and wine. Some stains require special and extensive treatment, so it will be beneficial to reinforce a no stain policy for your guests. Anyone who cannot comply must be asked to pay a fine. 

Tip #3: Invest in staff training

Your linens need ample care and attention, so it’s only logical to ensure that your staff goes through proper training. They need to work under certain rules and standards, where the importance of clean linen is highlighted. They must also be aware of proper care and cleaning methods, especially when it comes to stains. All items must also be double-checked for cleanliness, making sure that your guests have comfortable experiences. 

Tip #4: If it’s time for replacements, do not hesitate

As with all things in life, your linens also have an expiration date. Fabrics wear and tear after some time, and sheets used constantly will need to be replaced after seven years. It’s an inevitable part of your hotel businesses, so never hesitate to invest once more. Here are unmistakable signs you need to purchase new linens:

  • They have become brittle
  • They’re uncomfortable to touch
  • They do not perform as intended (Blankets have ceased to be warm and cozy)

Prolonging Guest Comfort, Ensuring Good Experiences

Managing a hotel can be a downright difficult task, especially since you have your reputation on the line. You need to take good care of all your guests, and a huge part of them is ensuring they enjoy a comfortable stay. Your chosen linen becomes an important contributing factor, so keep these tips in mind as you plan, purchase, and take care of them. In the hotel industry, guest experiences will be the only key to your success!

For the best wholesale bedding and other linen items, Grover Essentials has you covered. We understand that finding the right bed and bath supplies can be difficult, but we cut all the hassle and provide you with only the best. Discover fantastic items at equally excellent prices, all designed to help you manage your business better! Invest in the best—order today. 

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