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Grover Essentials - Top 4 Useful Bed Tips Every Hotelier Needs to Know - Our Guide

par Princy Kumar sur December 02, 2020

Hotel rooms around the world come in all sizes and include different amenities based on price points. But one thing all hotel rooms have in common, from the fanciest penthouses to the humble single room, is that they need to have a bed!

Beds are the single most used feature of any hotel room—and believe us when we say that it can make or break a guest’s experience! If nothing else, your bed should be the standout part of your hotel room. 

To help you provide that top-grade experience, here are four helpful tips for making your hotel bed the best that it can be:

  • Make a good first impression 

  • Aside from the mattress itself, your guests will base their first impression of the bed with the surface that they get to experience first. For a homey feel and appearance, the 9-piece embroidered comforter sets are the gold standard. More than the eye-catching design, your guests will appreciate the texture and comfort provided by the covers and the ample support provided by the padding. 

    For lower-priced rooms, three-piece comforter sets are welcome as well and should provide ample comfort for a good night’s sleep. While less in the way of extra cushions, your guests will want for nothing in the low to mid-price range. 

  • Be deliberate in your fabric choices 

  • Padding is essential for support, but the fabrics are the ones that make direct physical contact. As such, it’s important to choose fabrics that do well with laundering. Everything, from your sheets and quilt sets to your blankets and comforter sets, should retain their shape after being subjected to a thorough wash. 

    Those made of 100% cotton are usually the most preferred choice for its soft and natural feel, but it can be expensive and prone to wrinkling! Meanwhile, cotton-polyester blends, such as high-quality Microfiber sheets, retain the best features of cotton while also being more durable, affordable, and less prone to wrinkling. 

  • Strive for effortless

  • The easier it is for your staff to make the bed, the more efficient they will be at doing the rest of their tasks that also contribute to a pleasant hotel experience. Ideally, the hotel bed should look perfect with the least effort possible. One way to achieve this is by using bed wraps instead of bed skirts. 

    Bed wraps that are a snug fit on your mattress are more difficult to unmake and require less time to replace. Their clean appearance is also perfect for smaller rooms, as they take up less space!

  • Incorporate some texture 

  • Sparkling white top sheets exude a clean appearance, but can also be perceived as sterile and reminiscent of hospital beds. For a more inviting appearance, we recommend using three-piece embroidered quilt sets or a three-piece reversible quilt coverlet set to add some visual and tactile texture. 



    As mentioned above, beds can really make or break your guest’s hotel experience. While other amenities, such as swimming pools, gym facilities, and excellent room service, are great add-ons, a less than stellar bed experience will not make your guests come back. 

    To ensure a steady stream of guests, make sure to invest in your beds. Remember that as far as relaxation goes, a night of restful sleep is all that most people really need!

    Are you looking for bedding products that can upscale your hotel room’s aesthetic? Grover Essentials provides excellent bed and bath products at an exceptional value. Our retailer service is always in stock, and we offer excellent service to get you what you need. Contact us today to learn more about our products!

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