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Grover Essentials - Why Do Hotels Favour White Bedsheets_

par Princy Kumar sur December 02, 2020

Why Do Hotels Favour White Bedsheets?


Nothing beats the glorious sensation of sinking into your crisp, white hotel bedsheets after a full day of travelling. Yet, you might’ve wondered at least once—are hotel bedsheets always white? Despite an expansive selection of brightly-colored blankets, it seems that hotels prefer white—but there are reasons behind this decision. 

Reason 1 - Colored Bedsheets Fade Over Time

If your favourite purple blouse has seen better days, you can usually chalk it up to a lifetime of washing and drying. The same principle applies to hotel bedsheets. Because colored bedsheets lose vibrancy over time, they can pose severe budget and reputation problems challenging to reverse. 

Regardless of age, white sheets always appear new and fresh. If there is some level of color loss, white sheets are easy to bleach. Guests are typically more careful to avoid staining a set of white sheets because they are impossible to hide. 

However, in case of staining, smears are quick to spot on white fabric. High visibility allows the cleaning staff to deliver rapid and effective results, enabling hotels to prove their cleanliness standards. Just throw them into the washing machine, and you won’t have to worry about running colors. 

Reason 2 - They’re Versatile Decorative Items

A set of white bed sheets will often complement any room. Unlike colored or patterned sheets, matching white is hardly time-consuming. Whether your resort boasts a tropical, sleek and modern, or retro theme, introducing a set of white sheets isn’t likely to cause any problems. 

White is timeless and classic—unfailing and never fussy. They make a versatile addition to an environment of any color and serve to soften harsher palettes. All-white color themes even carry over into the comfort room. 

Reason 3 - They Reinforce a Sense of Calm

White provides a perfect backdrop for other hues and textures and makes for a suitable blank canvas. Interior designers can play up a statement headboard with white sheets and adorn the room with color-popping cushions or a vivid couch. 

Reason 4 - It Makes a Good First Impression

Walk into any hotel room, and the first piece of furniture you’re likely to notice is the bed. A stark white set of sheets with no signs of dirt or stains makes guests feel more comfortable in a new space. 

The Best Features of White Bedsheets

White bed sheets are naturally pleasant to look at and possess the ability to induce relaxing sensations. With the ability to judge cleanliness levels, hotel guests subconsciously prefer white bedsheets above their coloured counterparts. 

They give off a powerful expression of luxury and comfort. When well-maintained, white sheets create the impression that you’re sinking into a bed of clouds!


White sheets show no signs of going out of style anytime soon—or ever! When it comes to amping up your hotel room’s design quality, you can never go wrong with a set of white bedsheets. 

At Grover Essentials, we stock machine-washable, 100% high-quality microfiber white comforters and sheets. Our bedding demonstrates natural resistance to shrinkage and wrinkles and insulates warmth and comfortable breathability—perfect for your hotel! 

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