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Grover Essentials - Why The Type of Linen You Use in Your Hotel Matters

par Princy Kumar sur December 02, 2020

Why the Type of Linen You Use in Your Hotel Matters


The quality of the linens in a hotel room can affect the guest's overall experience. Even if you have beautiful furniture, state-of-the-art appliances, and fancy wallpaper, the types of bedding and bath products you give them for their stay could spell the difference between getting a regular client and seeing the last of someone. It is vital to buy the right ones for your establishment. Here are a few things you should remember when buying hotel linens.

What to remember about bed linens

Blankets, pillow covers, sheets, and duvets comprise the standard set of linens you get in hotel rooms. Most linens on the market are 100 percent pure cotton, or made from poly-cotton or polyester materials. Cotton is breathable, but blended fabrics are easier to maintain, more colorfast, and more durable. For a commercial establishment, it's better to go for synthetic fabrics like these.

What to remember about bath fabrics

Terrycloth cotton and Egyptian cotton are the most popular choices for hotels. Although guests won't probably mind if you have blended cotton beddings, towels and bathrobes are different. You don't want to use a scratchy, thin robe or towel on just-bathed skin. Ensure you get the right color for your hotel; it contributes to your bathroom's aesthetics.

Should you use off-site laundry services?

Your choice of linens is just one aspect of ensuring comfort for guests. Another is how you maintain your linens' quality. High thread count sheets and soft towels won't stay the way they are if you don't maintain them well. Buy your linen in bulk; when you do, you save on costs, ensure cleanliness, and can upgrade your items with little fuss.

If you do your linen maintenance in-house, you need industrial-grade appliances and personnel with experience handling these kinds of fabrics. You'd undoubtedly want your luxury comforter sets to be usable for many years, so this is a must! 

However, investing in equipment and human resources will take up a large portion of your budget, so outsourcing maintenance services is a good option. Hiring off-premise services means you can focus on your core value, which is serving customers.

It can be a little unsettling for even the most experienced travellers to see dirty beddings and towels in their rooms, much less use these. You need industry-certified cleaners for your sheets, towels, and more, especially since these are the items your guests will use most frequently in your establishment. Outsourcing is a quick solution to this.

Finally, outsourcing lets you upgrade your items wholesale. Whether you're doing a last-minute upgrade or need a new type of bedding or towel in bulk, outsourcing from linen services is the most convenient option.


It is up to a hotel owner or manager to provide an unforgettable experience to all their guests. Each interaction, each person who checks into an establishment, is a potential advocate for your brand, and it's vital to do everything you can to keep them pleased with your services. Outsourcing your laundry lets you deliver to a high standard without having to take on the costs of buying detergent and other cleaning items, washing and pressing the linen, and replacing or repairing equipment.

Finding top-quality, affordable bed and bath products can be a struggle, and Grover Essentials is here to help. We have wholesale bedding options in various designs and materials; get in touch with us today for a sample request or more information.

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