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5 Tips in Choosing the Right Curtains for Double Windows

par Baneet Gurwara sur October 11, 2019

Looking for draperies can be a daunting task as there are many options, making it difficult for you to select the best one. You're stressed out in choosing the right curtain because you know it will affect the overall look of the room. What's even harder is choosing drapes for your double windows, which are much larger than traditional skylights. Here are five tips to help you choose the curtains that will fit your needs.

1 - Transparency

If you're designing a bedroom, you'll most likely opt for blackout curtains. For other rooms, you'll want to allow light to enter to create a sense of airiness and space. The Sheer Belgian linen is recommended to achieve this look. If you're going to add more privacy, look for thicker and heavier fabrics. Also, thicker curtains help insulate the space.

2 - Style

Generally, the most significant factor in choosing curtains is how you want the room to look and feel. The more curtains you have, the more formal the space will look. Breezy curtains will add texture and elegance to the office. In the end, style is a matter of personal taste. Choose the style of curtains you feel will fit the room and create the ambiance you desire.

3 - Measurements

This must be done before purchasing the curtains. In regards to length, most people opt for curtains that either go just below the window sill or barely touching the floor. If you decide to purchase curtains longer than that, they will get dirty from touching the floor, not to mention the risk of tripping over it. Width-wise, the traditional method is to measure the width of your window and multiply the number by 2.5 to get the width of your curtains. Of course, it is up to you how you want it to be.

4 - Number of Curtains

An excellent way to determine how many curtains you'll need is to head over to a home supply store and check what they have to offer. Compare the measurements with the measurements from your double window and decide if you want to cover the whole window or only half. In most cases, you'll need four average-sized panels to cover your double window, although many people get six.

5 - Hiding the Hardware

The installation of your curtain is another styling option that you'll have to decide for yourself. If you want to achieve a minimalist look, you can hide the mounting mechanism inside the window frame. If you're trying to make something that looks expensive, mount the rod above your window. Install it outside the window for a luxurious look or fit it inside for a modern look.

Choosing the right curtain for you can be tough. Follow the tips given, and you'll be a step closer to picking the ones that fit your needs! Remember, what truly matters is what you like. Buy the curtains that give you the feeling you want the room to project and the look you want your space to have.

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