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Bath Mats and Rugs to Transform the Look of Your Bathroom - Our Guide

par Baneet Gurwara sur October 11, 2019

If you think that there is something missing in your bathroom but you can’t exactly pinpoint what it is, then it’s highly likely that your bathroom is lacking a bath mat or rug. Bath mats and rugs are a great way to enhance the overall appeal of your bathroom. Not to mention, they can be replaced whenever you want to change up the look of your bathroom again. This is why bath mats and rugs are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to improve the room’s appearance.

Bath mats and rugs come in a variety of designs and patterns, and you can choose ones that go with your personal style and personality the best! To give you some ideas to start with, here are some styles of bath mats and rugs that are worth checking out:

Simple and Colorful Braided Mats and Rugs

Simple mats and rugs are one of the most popular styles out there. They come in a broad range of colors and shapes, ranging from rectangular to oval. A simple braided rug with a pop of color might be just what your plain bathroom needs, especially if your bathroom is generally decorated in light colors. The braided texture will be comfortable for your feet as well. Also, bath rugs and mats should be water resistant, so make sure that you keep this factor in mind before making your purchase. 

Mats and Rugs With Animal Designs

If you want to make your bathroom more lively and fun, then you should find a bath mat or rug with animal designs. You can choose a mat or rug printed with your favorite animal designs. Although these rugs may seem childish, it doesn’t mean that adults can’t find them adorable! All in all, rugs with animal designs are a perfect way to add some fun and joy in your otherwise dull bathroom.

Floral Mats and Rugs

Nothing is more refreshing than floral prints. They can add a sense of joy and a splash of color to your bathroom, transforming the entire appearance in a matter of seconds. Flower mats and rugs are practical as well as stylish. If your bathroom contains mostly neutral tones, then you can choose a flower rug with pale pink, blue, yellow, and green to make the room more colorful. Again, make sure that the mat or rug you bought is water resistant. 

Fur Rugs and Mats

If you are looking for something that gives a more luxurious vibe, then a fur rug is the best choice for you. Fur rugs, especially white ones, give your bathroom a touch of elegance similar to what you would see in a five-star hotel. There is no better way to start your day than getting ready with your feet immersing in a soft, fuzzy rug. That being said, fur bathroom rugs and mats can get stained easily, and you need to take extra care of them. As most fur rugs and mats are available in light colors such as white or cream, you will definitely need to clean them thoroughly and regularly.

// Conclusion

In short, bath mats and rugs are the simplest and cheapest way to transform the appearance of your bathroom. Regardless of the shape, texture, and design you choose, you will certainly love spending your time in the bathroom like never before!

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