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Choosing Between Quilts, Duvets & Bedspread Bedding Toppers - Our Guide

par Baneet Gurwara sur October 11, 2019

Aisle after aisle of bed stores are filled with many types of bedding. If you are looking for a good bedding topper, exploring these aisles can get intimidating. Because of the many options that are on the shelves, you may not know where to look at first. But most bedding toppers generally fall into one of three groups: quilt, duvet, and bedspread types. Understanding the differences between these groups can help you choose a bedding topper that suits your needs and taste. A bedding topper is more decorative than anything else; it establishes your bedroom’s ambiance and style.

This guide can help you distinguish between quilt, duvet and bedspread types so you’ll be able to choose the right bedding topper for you.

Quilt bedding toppers

Quilt toppers have three layers. The top layer is comprised of different pieces of fabric that, when stitched together, form a beautiful pattern. The second layer is made of wool, fur or feathers that serve as insulators. A large piece of fabric forms the bottom layer. The stitches penetrate all three layers, and they were done by hand until the advent of dyeing techniques and sewing machines.

Traditional quilt designs such as log cabins, flying geese, patchwork, and mottos combine with a bright or pastel mix of colours to evoke nostalgia. When used as a bedding topper, a quilt evokes a quaint, rustic charm that can make any room feel cozier.

Because they are made of lightweight material like cotton, quilt bedding toppers are comfortable to use even during summer. Blankets can be added beneath a quilt to provide extra warmth during winter.

Duvet bedding toppers

The problem with quilt bedding toppers is that they absorb a lot of water, which makes then difficult to wash. On that note, duvet bedding toppers are more convenient to clean. Not only are they easier to remove from a bed, but they have a filling that does not absorb as much water as a quilt does. 

Most people think that the term “duvet” refers to the cover that is fastened to one side with buttons, strings, or zippers. But the duvet’s cover is different from the duvet itself, with the former serving a decorative and protective function. The duvet cover may have many designs, but the duvet itself has none, as it is plain white. The duvet also contains filling material such as fur or feathers, unlike its cover, which is only made of fabric.

You have a lot of styles and designs to choose from when you're looking for a duvet cover. Some have embroidery dangling over their edges, which would look best in bedrooms with a modern or sophisticated theme. Silk, polyester, and cotton are among the most common duvet fabrics, and there are some duvets made from a combination of these fabrics.

Since duvets are made of various amounts and types of filling, you need to consider the climate in your area when choosing a duvet. In places with milder climates, the duvet cover can be used without the duvet itself, especially during the summer. Colder climates will require duvets with thicker filling. 

Bedspread bedding toppers

In contrast with duvet and quilt bedding toppers, bedspreads are wider and cover the entire bed, from pillows to the floor. Bedspread designs include solid colours and prints. Their edges may have embellishments such as chenille, pompoms, and fringe stitches.

A bedspread topper is best used during summer and in places with milder climates, although you can use blankets beneath it when the seasons are cooler. It can also be used to cover the bed when you leave your house for an extended period, to keep your sheets, pillows, and blankets clean and fresh-looking.

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