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Choosing the Perfect Bedding Color

par Baneet Gurwara sur May 03, 2019


The most common strategy that people use when choosing their bedding is to go by the color that they think they like. The problem with this strategy is that the choice of color may turn out awry in terms of style. Therefore, it’s important to settle on the style you want before you even choose the color. What this means is you should know how your bedding will fit within the overall look of your bedroom to achieve an elegant flair.

Here’s how you can choose the perfect bedding color:


Use a mood board


A mood board is a collage of pictures that you can put together to express the character and aesthetic feel you want to give off in your room. Since you probably have an idea of what color you want to opt for, see how it fits your desired atmosphere and style using a mood board. You can cut clippings of monochrome pictures of orange if orange is your favorite color for example. You can find photos of bedrooms on Pinterest which you think aligns with your preferred room style. If you place these two pictures together on a cork board, you will have an idea of how a room with bedding sets of varying shades of orange look like, while being able to think about the arrangement and accessories that reflect your interests at the same time. A good mood board will serve as a guide to the style and color of bedding you will buy.


Decide between a solid color or patterns

While orange, pink, beige, or gray could be your favorite color, the next thing you should ponder upon is whether you should go for solid colors, patterned colors, or a combination of both. The mood board you create will help you tell. If you want your room to give off a hotel-like feeling and elegance, the sheets, blankets, and pillows should have a solid color that blends with the overall color scheme of your room. Monochromatic shades of one solid color can also work if you want a room with a peaceful ambiance. For example, you can choose gray as your main color if it fits your bedroom, then you can have pillows, blankets, and sheets that are of lighter or darker shades of gray.


Compared to the muted subtlety of solid colors, patterned colors such as floral motifs, polka dots, bands, and checkered squares are intended to make a statement in your room. Patterned colors also offer you a degree of flexibility to feature small portions of each of your favorite colors in your bedroom if you have two or more preferred colors. The result of a patterned color choice is a room that gives off a traditional vibe.


Consider the fabric you want

The color of your bedding alone does not determine how your room looks. Fabric will also play a role in your room’s style. Silky fabrics of a particular solid or patterned color are the way to go if you want to give your room an added gloss and glam. The smooth texture of silk is also practical in that you can easily slip in and out of your blanket with comfort. If you’re going for a cozier vibe, velvet is a more functional and stylish choice as the thickness of the fabric helps to preserve the warmth of the bed’s immediate surroundings while looking plush and shiny at the same time.


Think about how everything looks in a set

A complete bedding set matched with the patterns and colors you want is the obvious choice for those who are easy to please. There are many pre-made sets you can pick from. You will not have to worry about the compatibility of the pillows with the rest of the bedding if you choose to have an entire set that easily fits your preferences. If you want to put together your own signature bedding set, however, you can create your own assembly of sheets, pillows, mattresses, and blankets to suit your interior design tastes.

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