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Common Misconceptions about Bath Towels & Mats

par Baneet Gurwara sur October 11, 2019

A towel is an indispensable piece of fabric that is used to dry the skin and warm the body after getting wet. Bath mats help absorb water from your feet after you take a shower and prevent slipping. Despite the universal use of towels and bath mats, only a few people know the correct way to have these fabrics cleaned. Thus, they have to clear misconceptions that go around the online and offline world concerning washing towel and bath mats.

Why do towels and bath mats need to be cleaned regularly?

You might have noticed a stale smell, and in some instances, a light-colored patch staining your towel over time. You must be wondering how this happens when your body is clean after leaving the shower and after how you rinsed yourself thoroughly. However, even as clothes owners find the condition of their towels and bath mats surprising, they merely set aside the issue as if nothing is wrong.

What most people don’t realize is that every time you rub the surface of your skin with a towel, some of your dead skin cells would stick to the surface of it. These dead skin cells serve as a magnet for parasites such as mites, bacteria, mold, and mildew to infest your towel, leading to brown-colored stains in your towel and bath mats. The moisture that towels and bath mats absorb can also serve as a water source for these microorganisms that would exude substances and spores that would give your towel and bath mat that stale smell. Hence, you need to have your bath mats and towels cleaned from regularly to get rid of accumulated dead skin cells and microorganisms.

How often should you wash your towels?

There is no fixed average or standard that would tell you how often you need to have your towels washed. What is sure is that you don’t have to wash your towels after every use unless you have a contagious skin disorder, immune system problems, or severe allergies which requires you to use freshly-cleaned towels after every shower. On the other extreme, you can’t wash your towels only twice every year

The regularity with which you need to wash your towels depends on how often you use them. If you take a shower three or more times a day, you would need to wash your towel every weekend. Following that proportion, you should wash your towel every three weeks if you take a bath once a day.

Taking care of your towels

Washing your towels too frequently would result in increased wear and tear that would shorten your towel’s lifespan. Washing it only once in a blue moon, however, would expose your towel to decay from molds and bacteria. After every shower, hang up your towel to dry, by smoothening its creased surfaces and opening it to allow ventilation. Ventilation enables the absorbed moisture to evaporate faster, decreasing bacterial and mold growth. Drying your towel under the sunlight is also helpful. If you just finished from a hot shower, turn on your bathroom’s exhaust fan to remove the steam that would otherwise condense on the surface of your towel.

How often should you wash your bath maths?

Just like towels, bath mats also need to be washed regularly. The frequency with which you need to wash your bath mats also depends on how often you use it, although there is the added consideration of the effects of your foot pressure every time you rub your wet feet onto it. If many people use the bathroom every day, you might need to have your bath mats cleaned at least once a week. However, if you are living alone and no one else uses your bathroom, washing your mats once every month would be adequate.

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