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Common Types of Fabrics Used in Bed Sheets and Bedding

par Baneet Gurwara sur June 07, 2019

Bed sheets and bedding can be a great way to transform the overall look of your bedroom. However, with so many types of fabric available, it can be overwhelming to pick just one. Choosing a color or pattern you like is easy, but picking sheets with the right fabric to match your taste is another story. To help you determine the best kind of fabric for you, here are some of the most common fabric materials used in bed sheets and bedding for your information:




Cotton is possibly the most popular fabric for bed sheets and bedding. It is durable, soft, lightweight, breathable, easy to care for, as well as affordable. There are also many types of cotton on the market, and so you should do your research before you choose one that is best suited for you.




Acetate is made from the cellulose in wood fibers. It is extremely soft and has a satiny feel. However, as the fibers are quite delicate, the sheets have to be hand-washed or dry-cleaned only. For this reason, this fabric is not ideal for most people.




Silk is regarded as the most luxurious fabric out there. It is a soft fiber produced by silkworms. The material is cool, smooth, and sensuous, which is why people often associate silk with romantic and sexy bedrooms. Moreover, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, which means that it will not cause allergic reactions. One biggest drawback to silk is, indeed, its high price. For a luxury or sexy feel, go for silk bed sheets.




Polyester is a synthetic fiber made from the same polymers used to produce plastic bottles. Although polyester is known for its low price, it is stiff and scratchy when used by itself. Polyester is often mixed with another thread, usually cotton, to make inexpensive bed sheet sets. Finely woven polyester can also be sold as microfiber. These sheets are very soft, but they are not as breathable as cotton. Therefore, they are not a very good option for kid’s bedrooms.




Nylon is another synthetic fabric that is both strong and durable. It can make for soft, satiny, and wrinkle-free bedsheets. However, nylon cannot withstand high heat from dryers, an iron, or even excessive sunlight.




Acrylic is also a synthetic material made from plastic in a similar manner to nylon and polyester. While it is not as soft and comfortable against the skin as natural fibers, acrylic is wrinkle resistant and often used to make colorful bedding. Acrylic is used more in blankets and comforters than for bed sheets. To avoid pilling, attentive washing is required.




Bamboo fibers can be turned into fabric, but it is usually stiff and coarse. Keep in mind that sheets labeled as “bamboo” are often rayon. The bamboo pulp underwent a chemical process to dissolve the pulp, re-solidify it, and spin it into thread. As the process involves chemicals that are harmful to the environment, bamboo sheets are not as environmentally friendly as their manufacturers claim. The fabric is still durable, silky, breathable, and very soft.




There are many blended fabrics available on the market, most of which include some form of cotton. The blend of cotton and polyester is the most common, but cotton/bamboo, cotton/rayon, and nylon/polyester are also popular. Blended fabrics are typically affordable, durable, and wrinkle resistant. This is why they are a good option for children’s bedding.


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