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How to Keep Your Duvets Clean - Our Guide

par Baneet Gurwara sur October 11, 2019

Don’t get caught unawares this coming fall and winter. Before the cold months set in to freeze your bones, you need to turn your attention to your duvet. A duvet is your most reliable ally during the winter, as it will keep you warm, snug, and comfortable in bed. But if it already smells earthy, is tarnished with brown or black spots, or feels somewhat damp, you have to get it cleaned as soon as possible.

Ways to wash down comforters and duvets

While most duvet owners dry clean their down comforter, the truth is that dry cleaning is not a must. It is not even your sole option. Check its tag. If your duvet or comforter is made of 100% cotton or cotton-blend, you can wash it in your washing machine as long as you set it to “gentle” settings, and use detergent with cold water. But if your duvet’s fabric is a delicate material such as silk, linen, or velvet; or if it has some dangling embellishments that can come off in the washing machine, you can let a professional clean your down comforter instead.

You need to wash your duvet or down comforter at least once a year, ideally before winter sets in so that it can dry faster and you can use your duvet when you need it most. But if you have kids or pets who tend to soil your bedding, you may need to wash your duvet more frequently.

How to wash your duvet or down comforter by yourself

It will take you up to five hours to clean your comforter using a washing machine. When you use the washing machine, place the comforter spread openly. Avoid folding or crumpling your duvet when placing it inside the washer to ensure that it will be cleaned thoroughly.

Steps for washing

Unlike your typical machine wash, you will need to add socks containing tennis balls when you use the machine for duvets. The tennis balls in socks will serve as “grinders” that will scrape off dirt, creams, oils, urine, and sweat from your comforter.

Too much soap can make your comforter rigid upon drying. Instead, use only a small amount of detergent. Adjust your washing machine settings to “gentle” or “delicate.” Warm water can cause your duvet to shrink, so use cold water when you wash. Once you close your washer and it’s filled with water and soap, turn it on to run a full cycle.

Steps for rinsing

After it has undergone a wash cycle, drain the soapy water from your washing machine, and replace it with fresh, cold water. Close the washing machine door or lid and turn it on again. Drain the wastewater after the cycle is finished and repeat the steps for rinsing two more times. To see if the rinsing process was successful, rub your palm over the surface of your down comforter. The surface shouldn’t feel too sticky and slippery when you touch it. If it does, that means there’s still some soap on it, so rinse it for another cycle.

But when you rinse your clothes, be gentle when you handle it. A duvet absorbs a lot of water during the washing process, which can make it too heavy to be carried.

Steps for drying

You can leave your duvet under the sun to dry. Or you can use the dryer to make it faster. But note that if your duvet says it can’t be cleaned in hot water, it can’t be placed in the drier as it may shrink. If you use the drier, set your cycle to 15 minutes. Take the blanket out after the end of the cycle then fluff it.

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